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Trip to Antpur, Hooghly (Mitra Bati)

Radha Govinda Temple, Mitra Bati, Antpur, Hooghly, West BengalThe day I heard the name Antpur(Hooghly, West Bengal, India) from my mother, I decided sooner or later I will show her native place  as she heard none of the family members of her and from her previous generation ever visited the place. This piece of information made me interested about the place and later I found that Antpur (also known as Aatpur – Place of Eight small villages) has a great historic background with rich architectural demostration in form of the temples built at that time. Almost 350 years back(1786) the Diwan of Bardhaman Raj (Royal state of Burdwan), Krishna Ram Mitra build aatchala style terracotta architecture temples of Radha Givinda(100 feet high), Lord Shiva and others temples to motivate Hindus from the tyranny of the European invaders at that time. Almost at the sametime(1757) Raja Naba Krisna Deb of Sovabazar Rajbari started worshiping goddess Durga.

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Long Drive – Singur, Barrackpore Gandhi Ghat, Diamond Harbour, Serampore(Srirampur), Belur, Gorifa

Tata Nano Singur Plant       After buying my first car I have hardly traveled or used my car which has the 3rd free service due on March this year(2010), so I decided to visit tourist spots near Kolkata where road conditions are good for driving  and safe as well. Kolkata and surrounding places are slowly getting connected with good wide roads as National Highway Authority constantly making an effort to provide better road connectivity. Criteria of selection was minimum traffic, roads having divider which enables a smooth and safe drive and reaching and coming back from that place hardly takes five hours as I planned to travel at after-noon time and coming back by sunsets at evening.

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Tour to Heaven – II

Kalka - the door step to heavenHeaven is not so Far!!! – We were in the train. Waiting for its leaving

of our beloved city. Bidding adios to otherrelatives, who were there.
Suddenly found some curious faces, some imergency inthe securities and
other rail staffs next to our compartment. A littleinvestigation
revealed, a former central minister and a political leader ishappened to
be our co-passenger, travelling just next compartment to us. Thedoors
to that compartment was locked.

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Tour to Heaven – I

Manali Main (Heavenly sight)

Preparation to
Heaven – That
night I could not sleep well. We have prepared for this day for long.
For the last 3 months we were discussing regularly and preparing for
this very day. At last the day has come. Yesterday, bibi (aunt) and
pishemoshai (uncle) came to us and suggested what all foods we need
to carry for the dinner at train. Didi (cousin sister) and jamaibabu
(her husband) also came to our home with their suggestions and with a
request of some information from there. Not only them, some more
people came or contacted us with their suggestions regarding what all
we had to take to those places and what not, what all we had to take
a look at and what all we need not. Also we got some expert comments
on what should have been the climate there etc etc etc…


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Peak Hike

Mount TamalpaisI
love hiking and thus this article popped up in my mind like out of
blue. This might be an article which is related to our extreme experience
in hiking, fundraising, entertainment as well as some topics related to
the causes of breast cancer will also be discussed. Experiencing
the majestic redwoods and coastal views of the Marin Headlands
first-hand while making new friends on the trail, raising funds for the
organization and having some light entertainment with food and music
seems so well and perfect for Sunday! Me and my friends carpooled
together and thus started at 7:15 AM. We were planned to meet the other
group at Mt Tamalpais where we suppose to sign-in and go for the hike.

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So near, still so far away – The Vedic Village

Vedic Village EntranceVedic village -  a place so near to Kolkata, still so calm, kool, pollution free  place compare to Kolkata. To reach this place, its ideal to choose a weekend and by car it takes hardly 45 minutes to an hour by road via Ultodanga – VIP road – Kaikhali – Lauhati 3 point crossing – finally Vedic Village (Map by , or some other alternative routes like – Take the Flyover towards Nicco Park & past the WIPRO crossing till the end of the road & turn right towards the Rajarhat Expressway – Drive past Technopolis on to the Rajarhat Express Way till you get the sharp turn left – Proceed down the road over a small bridge till you see a Vedic Village sign board directing you right. This is also the narrow village road to DPS Megacity School – Proceed down the village road past DPS till you reach a four way crossing when you turn left – You are on a beautiful tree lined road (see the Rain Trees on either side) till the end of the road and then turn right – You are nearly there! Drive past three petrol pumps on your right – HP, Bharat Petroleum and then IOL – just after which you see a local Cinema Hall after which you immediately turn right proceed for a minute down the Road and you cannot miss Vedic Village on your left – Drive into the Reception.

Map of the entire area by(

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Trip to Garpanchkot Prakiti Bhraman Kendra (Panchyet Hill)

pabs_travel_2008072301.jpgThis is the continuation of the article called “Planning to Garpanchkot – The Prakiti Bhraman Kendra”  by me(Sandy) as on  monday, 09 June 2008 ,  which was much waiting travel experience after coming back last week. Though I was almost forced to cancel
the tour due to viral fever attack, I been requested by the other
members of our team to some how make myself available for the much
waited, long planned tour to this fantastic place within our own
state of West Bengal. I have travelled lots of place through out
India, but had hardly traveled places with in the state of West Bengal
where very few people knows less known nice places to tour which can
be easily arranged in a week time and spend the weekend and come back
and join work.[ GALLERY ]

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Tomar hat ta dharo …. Chalo Let’s Go.

          Aro ekta pribarton …..Nabajagoron Bangla Cinema r.Suru hoy geche ‘Euro 2008″, sabuj Math, stedium upche porche darshoke; Proti muhurte uttejona, har-jeet r sabche baro paoa choto choto jaygay dribble korte korte asadharon control-e egia chola. proti muhurte ekta natun mor. gotipather poriborton lokho shir reke. ey sab kichur sathe kothay jeno ” Chalo – Let’s go ” milemishe ekakar .

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Majestic Mount Pocono

Mount PoconoMount Pocono is a borough in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, in the United States. Located in the Poconos region in northeastern Pennsylvania, Mount Pocono is a relaxing escape in the majestic Pocono Mountains. Camping, hiking, and outdoor activities abound in a destination made for any nature-lover. The best place for Canoeing, Kayaking and Hiking lovers who would love to hit the road during the summer time. The first thing I notice was it is so Green! One just doesn’t need to plan beforehand, an hour and half from NY/NJ – just get your camping stuffs and sun block lotions.

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Great Smoky Mountain – Vacation Spot

Smoky Mountains vacations in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge create memories in one of the most heavenly places on earth, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Staying in the smoky mountains is an experience in itself. Park visitors can choose a rustic log cabin with all the conveniences of home from hot tubs to pool tables and beautiful views of the smoky mountains. Luxury hotels can be found along the parkway of Pigeon Forge and the main highway going through Gatlinburg and Sevierville. Many hotels have converted rooms to full vacation suites with kitchens, fireplaces and the works. All this just next door to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Smoky Mountain hotels, condos, or smoky mountain cabins are convenient and affordable.

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