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Hope for the best , Be prepared for the worst!

Light of Hope

“But at my back I always hear
Time’s winged chariot hurrying near;”
I always wondered, all through my growing up years, as well as during my youth what this actually meant. Are these two statements not contradictory!? Every time I appeared for a written test my hope will be directly related to my preparation, I failed to realize the implication of the saying all my life.

But today I somewhat started understanding this, or so I think. When life has put in front of me some such aspirations which are just beyond my control. It is not a written test or a job interview for which I can burn some midnight oil and be well prepared. I am beginning to understand what it is to hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

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Beginners Astronomy

Beginners Astronomy - Star GazingIntroduction : At the very beginning I must tell you that I am an amateur
astronomer and have no pretensions to know astronomy at any great depth, though I have made a post before on astronomy  called “ Amateur Astronomy,Infinite Entertainment  “.This
article should have been titled Beginners Star Gazing but I have included a few useful astronomical information’s (for a layman)and  hence the title.
Almost everyone of us at some point of time looked at the sky and watched the stars, the sun and the moon and wondered what they are in actuality.
That wonderment in my case has lead to many questions and view the sky more closely. It started accidentally one night when I could watch the sky  with a telescope and found the sky an amazing place of infinite beauty and mysteries.

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Wake Up Sid Review

Wake Up Sid ReviewRemember your school days, when we had fresh mind, and soul
with lots of creative ideas but no goals set for life. We only knew what we
need to show off our status towards our own friends and probably the new chick
or the cool guy in our college. A couple of Made in USA stuff will add its own essence.
We only knew how to spend our parent’s money and be dazzled with the new
trend from top to bottom. Things changed dramatically as we grew up and as the
world globalize. Diversity was the essence and independency is the new form of
goal happening in today’s 4G people. What will make you a Next Gen cool dude or
a chick – A choice of Mac, iPod, a Honda CRV or a new 4G mobile? (Excuse my
choice of iPhone) Listening to your number one song from your iPod or Mp3 player,
with a backpack, some tattoos around the corner of your body or neck, oversized
jeans with a Simpson encrypted Tees take the subway and land into the virtual
complex of your University – will that be the next in our Next Gen population?

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Amateur Astronomy,Infinite Entertainment

Andromeda GalaxyWhen I was young I got hold of a book called
‘Children’s Encyclopedia’. One of the chapters , which dealt with cosmos,
deeply interested me. I decided I will know more about this when I grow up.

In 1986 there
was some excitement because Halley’s comet returned after 76 years. A friend
called me up and asked me to come to Rajabajar science college saying a
telescope was being set up to view the comet. I was excited. When I arrived
there I saw a pipe like object standing .I later knew it was a 3˝  refractor
telescope. Although we tried a lot to locate Halley’s comet that night we did
not find it because nobody had a clue where to look at the sky.

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What You Perceive Is Not Always What You Think You See

Camera perspective : Pix O' SubalternTrying to capture qualities in a purely visual way is often difficult because what we perceive or feel, or even seem to see, about something is not always what we actually see. I’m discussing about the football play that is so clear to the eye but so minute a part of the field of vision that the film can not portray it the way it appeared. And I mentioning how cold and dead a play or classroom presentation seems on film photographed from the back (or even the front) of the room, though it might be a quite exciting presentation to those in the audience at the time.

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“Jai Ho Slumdog Millionaire – Jai Ho Mumbai, India”

Jai Ho Slumdog Millionaire - Jai Ho Mumbai, IndiaThis is first time in the history of India and Indian cinema its “Jai Ho” time. The western people and
society started recognizing the power of Indian cinema and powerful Indian nation driven by the people of this country along with all other Indians spread
around the globe. The never die spirit and the never ending hope of Mumbai, India has got reflected in this movie.

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A Night on the Balcony- a work of fiction

A Night on the Balcony     She sat up with a start, hand to her heart. Her other hand propped her up on the downy bed, mountains of white pillows, and comforter around her like a soft barricade. Her breathing was deep, eyes wide and anxious, lips lightly trembling, her face dewy with the fear of the dream she woke up from. Pushing away the pillows in her way, she shakily stepped out of her bed, sliding her feet into slippers, and closing her eyes for a moment to breathe in a sense of calm. She considered and then discarded the notion of going back to sleep. It would take her a little while to become drowsy again.

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