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Heaven…. love.. lies… and cricket


A bookie in love!! Every human has a desire to reach at the top, to earn money. But he is a human(and again in a movie he is a hero), so he should fall in love(not only with money, but with his queen also).

 The first time I saw the trailer of Jannat, I expected something new
from it. And ya, the story, ofcourse a bit new (if you think of cricket
booking and match fixing). The story starts with Imraan Hasmi, loosing
money in gambling. And here we came to know lady luck is required to
win a gamble (well, to Mr. Hasmi, it is obvious.. isn’t it?). So our
Arjun (Imraan Hasmi) started searching his queen beside his other
“Dhanda”. Now enters Zoya (Sonal Chauhan).


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