Chicken With Onion And Pepper

Chicken With Onion And PepperIngredients :
– Chicken  – 500 gms.
– Garlic – 2

– Ginger –
2 tsps.

– Onion –
1½ cup

– curd – 1 cup

– Green Chillies 
– 2
Salt and sugar to taste
Pepper – 1 tbsp.

Cardamom – 2 pieces
Clove – 2 pieces

Cinnamon – 2 pieces

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Trip to Antpur, Hooghly (Mitra Bati)

Radha Govinda Temple, Mitra Bati, Antpur, Hooghly, West BengalThe day I heard the name Antpur(Hooghly, West Bengal, India) from my mother, I decided sooner or later I will show her native place  as she heard none of the family members of her and from her previous generation ever visited the place. This piece of information made me interested about the place and later I found that Antpur (also known as Aatpur – Place of Eight small villages) has a great historic background with rich architectural demostration in form of the temples built at that time. Almost 350 years back(1786) the Diwan of Bardhaman Raj (Royal state of Burdwan), Krishna Ram Mitra build aatchala style terracotta architecture temples of Radha Givinda(100 feet high), Lord Shiva and others temples to motivate Hindus from the tyranny of the European invaders at that time. Almost at the sametime(1757) Raja Naba Krisna Deb of Sovabazar Rajbari started worshiping goddess Durga.

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Long Drive – Singur, Barrackpore Gandhi Ghat, Diamond Harbour, Serampore(Srirampur), Belur, Gorifa

Tata Nano Singur Plant       After buying my first car I have hardly traveled or used my car which has the 3rd free service due on March this year(2010), so I decided to visit tourist spots near Kolkata where road conditions are good for driving  and safe as well. Kolkata and surrounding places are slowly getting connected with good wide roads as National Highway Authority constantly making an effort to provide better road connectivity. Criteria of selection was minimum traffic, roads having divider which enables a smooth and safe drive and reaching and coming back from that place hardly takes five hours as I planned to travel at after-noon time and coming back by sunsets at evening.

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Dream Chicken

Dream ChickenIngredients :
Chicken  – 600 gms.
Chopped Garlic – 1 tbsp.
Chopped Ginger – 1 tbsp.
Chopped Onion – 2 tbsp.
Sunflower Oil  – 2 tbsp.
Tomato – 1 chopped into pieces
Potato – 2 chopped
Bay leaf – 1
Garam Masala  – tsp
Sugar – ½ tsp 

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Wake Up Sid Review

Wake Up Sid ReviewRemember your school days, when we had fresh mind, and soul
with lots of creative ideas but no goals set for life. We only knew what we
need to show off our status towards our own friends and probably the new chick
or the cool guy in our college. A couple of Made in USA stuff will add its own essence.
We only knew how to spend our parent’s money and be dazzled with the new
trend from top to bottom. Things changed dramatically as we grew up and as the
world globalize. Diversity was the essence and independency is the new form of
goal happening in today’s 4G people. What will make you a Next Gen cool dude or
a chick – A choice of Mac, iPod, a Honda CRV or a new 4G mobile? (Excuse my
choice of iPhone) Listening to your number one song from your iPod or Mp3 player,
with a backpack, some tattoos around the corner of your body or neck, oversized
jeans with a Simpson encrypted Tees take the subway and land into the virtual
complex of your University – will that be the next in our Next Gen population?

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Microwave Curd Chicken

Microwave Curd ChickenThis recipe is specially for those who wants hassle free cooking on microwave . So the recipe steps are  as follows :-

Step 1 – Marinate chicken pieces with curd , pepper
  powder, turmeric powder, salt, chilli powder
and a teaspoon of mustard oil and refrigerate overnight.

Step 2 – Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a micro-proof
  bowl and microwave at high power for 30
seconds. Add slit green chillies and again microwave for 30 seconds.

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Amateur Astronomy,Infinite Entertainment

Andromeda GalaxyWhen I was young I got hold of a book called
‘Children’s Encyclopedia’. One of the chapters , which dealt with cosmos,
deeply interested me. I decided I will know more about this when I grow up.

In 1986 there
was some excitement because Halley’s comet returned after 76 years. A friend
called me up and asked me to come to Rajabajar science college saying a
telescope was being set up to view the comet. I was excited. When I arrived
there I saw a pipe like object standing .I later knew it was a 3˝  refractor
telescope. Although we tried a lot to locate Halley’s comet that night we did
not find it because nobody had a clue where to look at the sky.

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Tour to Heaven – II

Kalka - the door step to heavenHeaven is not so Far!!! – We were in the train. Waiting for its leaving

of our beloved city. Bidding adios to otherrelatives, who were there.
Suddenly found some curious faces, some imergency inthe securities and
other rail staffs next to our compartment. A littleinvestigation
revealed, a former central minister and a political leader ishappened to
be our co-passenger, travelling just next compartment to us. Thedoors
to that compartment was locked.

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