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Trip to Garpanchkot Prakiti Bhraman Kendra (Panchyet Hill) PDF Print E-mail
Written by sandy   
Tuesday, 22 July 2008
pabs_travel_2008072301.jpgThis is the continuation of the article called "Planning to Garpanchkot - The Prakiti Bhraman Kendra"  by me(Sandy) as on  monday, 09 June 2008 ,  which was much waiting travel experience after coming back last week. Though I was almost forced to cancel the tour due to viral fever attack, I been requested by the other members of our team to some how make myself available for the much waited, long planned tour to this fantastic place within our own state of West Bengal. I have travelled lots of place through out India, but had hardly traveled places with in the state of West Bengal where very few people knows less known nice places to tour which can be easily arranged in a week time and spend the weekend and come back and join work.[ GALLERY ]
Without wasting much time I start share my experience with some additional informations for people who are expecting some more alternative options. As per our original plan, we booked the cottages which I mentioned in details in my last article, from West Bengal Forest Development Corporation Ltd. 6A, Raja Subodh Mallick Square, 7th Floor, Kolkata-13 [Call : (033) 2237-0060/0061].  We booked one non a/c room (Sunbird Delux Family Room)  just for Rs.1000 which can accommodate 4 beds. Additionally they allow extra bed, which can be arranged on spot. Apart from this we did booked three other cottages namely, Panchet, Lemon Pansy, Palash which were a/c rooms couple of weeks advance. Due to the off-season this time they offering one day free accommodation against 2 days booking. For details the table below will be helpful :-

pabs_travel_2008072302.jpgThe WBFDC Ltd. offers the tourists a wonderful arrangement of stay at Garhpanchkot. The nature resorts situated at the foothills are presently having both AC & NON AC accommodation facilities. The suits are well furnished & provided with Cable TV. One can enjoy the extra facilities like STD telephone, Room service, Children park, Folk dance, Trained nature guide, Traditional Treatment & Herbal massage, Mythological trail etc. staying at the nature resort.

HELPLINE at Nature Resort : +91 9434246516

Check-in / Check-out time : 11 AM
source :-

Availability of Accomodation for Garpanchkot
Room Name Bed Bath Type 23-Jul-2008
CONFERENCE HALL ( 50 PAX ) "GOLDEN ORIOLE" 0 Attached Bath Conference Hall 4,000.00

Cottage-I (Barakar)(A/C) 2 Attached Bath Room 900.00

Cottage-I (Damodar)(A/C) 2 Attached Bath Room 900.00

Cottage-I (Panchet) (A/C) 4 Attached Bath Room 1,200.00

Cottage-II (Mahua)(Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Room 600.00

Cottage-II (Peasal)(Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Room 600.00

Cottage-II (Piyal)(Non-A/C) 2 Attached Bath Room 600.00

Cottage-II (Sal)(Non-A/C) 3 Attached Bath Room 700.00

Cottage-III (Arjun) (A/C) 2 Attached Bath Room 650.00

Cottage-III (Kusum)(A/C) Family Room 4 Attached Bath Rooms 1,300.00

Cottage-III (Palash) (A/C) 2 Attached Bath Room 650.00

Cottage-IV (Sunbird Delux Family Room) (Non-A/C) 4 Attached Bath Room 1,000.00

Cottage-V (Baronet A/C) First Floor 2 Attached Bath Room 1,100.00

Cottage-V (Jezebel A/C) First Floor 2 Attached Bath Room 1,100.00

Cottage-V (Lemon Pansy A/C) Gr. Floor 2 Attached Bath Room 1,000.00

Cottage-V (Peacock Pansy A/C) Gr. Floor 2 Attached Bath Room 1,000.00

source :-

Historical RuinsWe had initially planned the tour by car for the simple reason that the flexibility of moving here and there, halting and mobility. But, we considered the fact that its a extra burden if the car gets stuck and also the cost factor. So best plan was to travel by train till Barakar and then by car(maruti van, Sumo, Ambassador) which is just 30 minutes journey which can cost 300 - 650 rupees depending on the type of vehicle. So we booked e-tickets of Black Diamond express online, which leaves Howrah station early morning, and took maximum 4 and half hours to reach Barakar. we had another option with us to get down at Kumardubi, the next station  3 Km. away from Barakar. For more details this exert may help  :-
"Situated at the foothill of Panchakot(panchet hill),in the north east corner of the Purulia District,close to the boundary with district Burdwan and JharKhand.

 How To Reach : A Journey of 25 km by road from Adra and 15 km from Barakar via Chirkunda and 34 km. from Asansol via Deshergarh and 65 km from Purulia. 1 Km. from Puapurmore Nearest Railway station - Barakar (E Rly.) Adra (SE Rly.)

Site Seeing : Hilltop offers picturesque and panoramic view of the command area of the Panchet dam on Damodar river and its reservior. Bird watching on Panchet dam is a treat to the eye.

Garhpanchkot Nature Resort is located near village Bagmara at the northern base of Panchet Hill in Purulia District of West Bengal. Panchet hill is about 2100 ft (643 mt) in altitude and 18 Sq km in stretch. Approximate population for 7 km radius from this point is 75547.
Lat (DMS)           Long (DMS)
23° 38' 29" N           86° 45' 33" E

Nearest Railway Stations:
# Kumardubi 14 km via Chirkunda
# Barakar 14 km via Chirkunda
# Asansole 34 km via Parbelia-Disergarh
# Adra 28 km via Raghunathpur

Nearest Bus Stand:
# Raghunathpur - 14 km
# Adra – 28 km
# Asansole – 35 km"
Source -

Traveling by train is cheaper but I believe fun is always in traveling by car. We had 12 members team which included two families as well. As they had problem traveling early morning, they opted for evening train which is Coalfield. They left the day before we left by Black Diamond the next morning. Our check-in Check-out time was 11 a.m. So, next day early morning Black Diamond is the ideal train to reach Brakar/Kumadubi round half past 10 and then 30 minutes by road to the resort of West Bengal Forest Department. So for that other two family, it was journey day before and had a 1 night arrangement at Maithon Hotel, 3 KM. away from Kumardubi. Next day they left their hotel for Garpanchkot by car almost at the same time when we reached Barakar by train.

Origin HOWRAH JN -[HWH ] Destination BARAKAR -[BRR ] Class Second Seating

Train No. Train Name Origin Dep.Time Destination Arr.Time

Origin HOWRAH JN -[HWH ] Destination KUMARDUBI -[KMME]

Train No. Train Name Origin Dep.Time Destination Arr.Time Classes
1A 2A FC 3A CC SL 2S
- - -  X
2339 +COAL FIELD EXP HOWRAH JN 17:15 KUMARDUBI 20:51 - - - -  X
-  X
3317 +BLACKDIAMOND EX HOWRAH JN 06:15 KUMARDUBI 10:20 - - - -  X

Train Number Train Name Date (DD-MM-YYYY) Source Station Destination Station

Train Type MAIL_EXPRESS Distance (kms) 232
All units are in Rupees(Rs.)

Class -- CC
Base Fare 246
Reservation Charges 25
Superfast Charges 0
Other Charges 0
Total Amount 271

Train Type MAIL_EXPRESS Distance (kms) 232
All units are in Rupees(Rs.)

Class -- 2S
Base Fare 62
Reservation Charges 15
Superfast Charges 0
Other Charges 0
Total Amount 77

Train Type MAIL_EXPRESS Distance (kms) 220
All units are in Rupees(Rs.)

Class -- 2A
Base Fare 423
Reservation Charges 25
Superfast Charges 0
Other Charges 0
Total Amount 448

Train Type MAIL_EXPRESS Distance (kms) 220
All units are in Rupees(Rs.)

Class -- SL
Base Fare 108
Reservation Charges 20
Superfast Charges 0
Other Charges 0
Total Amount 128

source :-

After reaching we had some food and then hired a maruti van from the station itself which we managed to have, spending Rs.250. Six of us managed easily in the eight seater maruti van. We reached the foot of the hill(Garpanchkot - Hill of five cliffs) via Panchet Dam.

After reaching within 45 minutes time we had to report the forest department office with the permit we had with us. In 5 minutes time we entered our one of the booked cottage. Then we immediately ordered for our lunch which costs Rs 50 per head with 2 fish, rice, dal and potato chips.

Cottage Sunbird and the main gateWithin next 5-10 minutes me and other 3 guys got our room(Sunbird Delux Family Room) which was nice, clean with good ventilation, was on the first floor and had a clear view of the Hill just beside the resort which is on the side of the hill.

That evening we had evening snacks with Vegetable Pakora(Rs. 15, 6 pieces per plate) in the common dinning room at the center of all the cottages. Then we had our gaan and golper adda at the oldest cottage called Panchet from where we got a beautiful view of the Panchet Dam from distance. When the night fall, the view was incredible with illuminated lights on the road over the dam.

After having long gaan-r adda we fixed our sight seeing plan which includes the Panchet Dam, Birinchi Baba's Ashram with a small fountain and historical ruins of Garpanchkot. For ambassador they charge Rs.300 and Rs. 450 for Sumo. Additional Rs.200 for Muradi Dam near Muradi Hill, which is Ram Chandra Pur Irrigation Project, Post + Village: MURADI, District: Purulia . West Bengal.

pabs_travel_2008072303.jpgNext morning after having break fast with tea(Rs. 4 per cup) and Luchi(Puri) Rs 1.5 per piece with Tarkari(Sabji)Rs. 6 per plate, we left for the sight scene. It was drizzling, and I was just recovering from fever, felt like rain drops like pins. But others enjoyed the car ride and had lots of pictures of the old historical ruins. The best part of that was the Panchet Dam and its wild beauty where one can see the wild power of apprantly silent water being released with a great force from the dam. Though security will not allow to carry camera on the spot. But somehow we managed to click from distance when we were approaching the dam by car. The interesting part was that the driver showed us the Panchet Cottage from the spot which has a clear view of the dam from the cottage itself.

After coming back unfortunately I had to cut-shot my schedule and arranged a car for Rs. 300 and left the place for Kumardubi to catch the evening Black Diamond train for Howrah. Rest enjoyed the rest of the day and left the place next day early morning and evening respectively.

For more snaps of Garpanchkot visit : GALLERY
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tintin Publisher | 2008-07-24 16:56:46
Cool Place! Unfortunately, it is not possible for people like us to go for such places. As we travel India for meeting our relatives, we tend to stay iwth them or visit other well known places(out oF WB)and skip this in state beautiful sights.
sandy - these r short w/e trips Publisher | 2008-07-26 06:54:06
The beauty and advantage of these trips are takes very short time to travel and come back and can be done in even weekends for city dwellers.for people comming from abroad also avil these tours provided they plan well before comming here over internet cuz all these resports and agencies has online presence.
deba - Really nice place... Registered | 2008-07-26 10:17:16
I was also another member of the team to Garpanchkot with Sandy and really it is a gr8 experience there. Though i have also cut my trip short and me also came back with him to Kolkata for personal reason..

The best thing what I feel is that it is very near to Kolkata. And anyone who spend a very busy schedule the whole week, can spend some casual time and refresh himself for the next war of life.

The calm, nice environment will of course motivate you in positive way.

For more pictures of our gorpanchkot trip... here is the link of my orkut album of gorpanchkot
Parna - Nature at its very best Editor | 2008-08-05 10:52:26
Scenic beauty at our doorstep at an affordable cost...thanx to the author for providing us information regarding such a nice hidden beauty of nature.. I just wanna ask is there any deluxe bus facility available to reach this place??
sandy - WBFDC offers package tours... Publisher | 2009-08-01 04:17:42
They have package tour as well where they will provide transportation as well. For more details visit
Rimi Pati - room with a view IP: | 2009-11-03 18:04:08
Great information for Probasi Bengalis even those like myself who originally came from the region, traveled all around the globe and never looked in their own backyard. I will do it this time.
sandy - Thanx Publisher | 2009-11-03 20:05:18
This will encourage me write more such articles on surrounding tourist spots of West Bengal and adjacent states.
sandy - How to afford a holiday in 2010 IP: | 2010-01-17 06:24:52
How to afford a holiday in 2010
Soumen Halder - Much needed information IP: | 2010-11-18 09:41:57

Very good article....Any one can get information from this...what ever we need when we travel in a unknown please...thanks once more...
sandy - Thanx a lot IP: | 2010-11-22 19:55:16
Makes me motivated to travel more and post detailed article as much I can. Once again Thanx a lot.
Anindya Ray Chowdhury - How to book this resort online? IP: | 2011-07-13 06:27:20
How to book this resort online? is there any way
sandy - Online booking Publisher | 2011-07-26 19:46:23
Try this link though this is for booking availability status :
As far my information soon they will have online booking facility.
Anindya Ray Chowdhury - ONLINE BOOKING IP: | 2011-07-13 06:28:11
is there any way to ONLINE BOOKING ?
Rajarshi IP: | 2011-10-16 04:27:08
thanx for the info on garpanchkot!
ARUP KUMAR DAS - re: IP: | 2012-06-22 05:25:00
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